Django blog is a simple blog, that I have created just for experimentations. I was learning django and thought creating a blog would be a good excercise. If you are beginner then also it would be easier for you to follow up the good.


  • Language: Python3.6, HTML, Javascript
  • Framework: Django, JQuery
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Hosted on: Heroku
  • Static and media files hosted on: Amazon S3


  • Only staff user can post articles
  • User who has created a post can only edit and delete it
  • There is one superuser, only superuser can add staff members
  • Superuser can edit or delete the post or comment of any user
  • Post can be drafted or updated any time
  • Post can be edited using markdown
  • Only one image can be uploaded per post
  • To post comment one must register from the link given in blog
  • Comments can be deleted by the user who posted comment, post author and superuser

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